Subject How to improve Firebird 2.5.3 Disk I/O on Windows server 2012 R2
Author Costantino Molinari


I have installed Firebird 2.5.3 SuperServer x64 on a Windows server 2012 R2 (x64).

At the moment I have done no changes in firebird.conf


Hardware resources are:

2 x 12core Intel Xeon, 32 GB DDR3 Ram, 6 x 1.2TB SAS RAID 10, 1 GB Ram on 6Gbps RAID controller with Flash Backup and Battery Backup on it.


The IOPS values with CristalDiskMark  ( 5 x 100MB test) are:

Seq                  3805R 3754W

512K                2787R 2756W

4K                    109R   106W

4K QD32         440W  338W


The problem is that i see long time of execution in read/write to a very little FB database (about 100 MB, it’s a new one, just for tests before production)

The application reads from a text file, checks in FB table if the record exists, than writes the record in the same table. This is for about 35000 records.

The application takes about 9 minutes to end.

Now, with same application, same DB, Same Firebird version, but on an old 2003 server monoprocessor, old raid 1 controller, it takes about 12’ minutes to end.


So my new W2012 is faster, but only 3 minutes less, I think I can really obtain better performances.

I have read lots of documentation about File System Cache  or DB Cache Pages, but honestly I need some good indication from anyone of you, because I’m very new with Firebird and I think there are several settings to obtain the best from this brand new and “speedy” hardware.


Thank in advance to anyone who will try to help me.