Subject Firebird 2.5 SuperClassic

Hi, I'm having a problem on a Firebird 2.5.3 superclassic on a CentOS 6.

Every day I'm getting that on the firebird.log.

vendas  Fri Sep 26 10:57:52 2014


vendas (Client) Fri Sep 26 10:58:27 2014

        /opt/firebird/bin/fbguard: /opt/firebird/bin/fb_smp_server terminated abnormally (-1)

vendas (Client) Fri Sep 26 10:58:27 2014

        /opt/firebird/bin/fbguard: guardian starting /opt/firebird/bin/fb_smp_server

Have the same app with the same kind of server, firebird, CentOS on 13 other's sites and I have just 1 with that problem.

I change the server, make gbak restore. 

There is someone that already see something like that? Tanks...