Subject Re: [firebird-support] Aliases and Windows Host - any
Author Alan J Davies
I'm trying to do that exactly but cannot make it work.
I'm using Win7, FB 2.5.1 on host (server) and Win7 on client.
The application is running in Delphi XE2 and works perfectly on host &
client when I do the following (as I have since Delphi5):

In the application folder I have the database, the application, plus a
text file called App_Data.Txt with the following line:


I load this file and set the database name to it - then open the
database and it all works as it should.

Now I try and replicate the example below from Helen et al.

On the server I have this in my aliases.conf

I also set PJSMOULDINGS as the DataBaseName in the Delphi app itself and
this works on the server without loading App_Data.Txt
Also if I set the database name to 'AJD-SONY:'+PJSMOULDINGS, it works.

But not on the client.
The error I get after 2-3 minutes is "Unable to complete network request
to host "AJD-SONY". Failed to establish a connection ....."
The program loads but database is unavailable.
This is regardless of whether using a mapped drive or a shortcut.

Any help would be appreciated. So far my own method has worked without a
hitch, but sooner or later ........

Alan J Davies

On 30/05/2013 20:45, Helen Borrie wrote:
> At 11:35 p.m. 30/05/2013, Norman Dunbar wrote:
> >Q3. Are you connecting locally (on the database server) or remotely?
> >
> >If locally, then the alias.conf should simply be as above, the path to
> >the database.
> >
> >if remotely, then your own aliases.conf (assuming that exists in a
> >client only install - I've never done one!) will need to have the server
> >name as well:
> >
> >employee = win7_server:employee
> >employee.fdb = win7_server:employee
> >
> >In this case, your local employee aliases connect to the server and use
> >the server's employee alias. The above (colon separator) assumes TCP
> >protocol.
> Norm, this isn't correct. Aliases.conf doesn't belong in a client-only
> install at all. The paths in aliases.conf are strictly file system paths
> that are local to the Firebird host machine. No hostnames in
> aliases.conf, ever!
> What you need to do:
> 1. Move the database file right out of the Users tree and into a
> directory that is not protected by Windows (see Mark's list). That is,
> create a directory named c:\dati (as you had on W2003) and put your
> databases in their own subdirs under this.
> Do NOT make it a share.
> 2. Fix aliases.conf *in your Firebird host root directory*: entries
> should look like this:
> 3. Check to make sure port 3050 is open in the host's firewall.
> 4. Make sure remote clients connect using the correct hostname, e.g.,
> using Norm's example, win7_server:XFILES
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