Subject Re: Aliases and Windows 7
Author Walter
You could be right...I was in the middle of a disaster recovery operation, and I could have missed it. Sorry again

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> On 3-6-2013 18:56, Walter wrote:
> > The solution in this case was more simple than I could imagine. For some reason I don'know there are two firebird folders, one inside the "c:\program files" folder and another one inside the "c:\program files(x86)" one, even if I was sure to have used the default directory of the installation program (the x86 one)...anyway, while checking installed services, I found that Firebird was launched from c:\program files" path insted the supposed x86...once modified the aliases.conf file in that path everything worked fine. Thanks to you all for you support, hope you don't wasted too much time trying to help me
> At some point you must have installed the 32 bit version (in Program
> Files(x86)) and then the 64 bit version (in Program Files)
> Mark
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