Subject Re: [firebird-support] Aliases and Windows Host - any
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Hi !

Em 26/5/2014 21:17, Alan J Davies Alan.Davies@...
[firebird-support] escreveu:
> I'm trying to do that exactly but cannot make it work.
> I'm using Win7, FB 2.5.1 on host (server) and Win7 on client.
> The application is running in Delphi XE2 and works perfectly on host &
> client when I do the following (as I have since Delphi5):
> In the application folder I have the database, the application, plus a
> text file called App_Data.Txt with the following line:
> I load this file and set the database name to it - then open the
> database and it all works as it should.
> Now I try and replicate the example below from Helen et al.
> On the server I have this in my aliases.conf
> I also set PJSMOULDINGS as the DataBaseName in the Delphi app itself and
> this works on the server without loading App_Data.Txt
> Also if I set the database name to 'AJD-SONY:'+PJSMOULDINGS, it works.
> But not on the client.
> The error I get after 2-3 minutes is "Unable to complete network request
> to host "AJD-SONY". Failed to establish a connection ....."
> The program loads but database is unavailable.
> This is regardless of whether using a mapped drive or a shortcut.
> Any help would be appreciated. So far my own method has worked without a
> hitch, but sooner or later ........
> Regards
> Alan
> Alan J Davies
> Aldis

I think you have the TCP/IP port 3050 closed on the host machine.

Check the windows firewall

In the first example you are not using a TCP/IP conection.

see you !