Subject Additional Table Permissions Needed by Update in Stored Procedure
Firebird Version:
OS: Windows 7

I'm having an update permissions problem on a SQL update statement when I use the SQL in a stored procedure with "RETURNING/INTO".

I have granted update permissions on column1 and column2 to role1 with this command:

GRANT REFERENCES, SELECT, UPDATE(column1, column2) ON table1 TO ROLE role1;

This is the SQL update in the stored procedure:

UPDATE table1
SET column1 = 0,
column2 = 'NOW'
WHERE user_name = :p_user_name
RETURNING column3, column4
INTO :ret_column3, :ret_column4;

I get this error: "no permission for update/write access to column

If I remove "RETURNING/INTO" from the SQL, then the update is successful. With "RETURNING" it requires me to grant update permissions on column3 and column4 even though column3 and column4 are not being updated. Should permissions work this way or is there a bug?

Thank you,
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