Subject Re: [firebird-support] Request for advice
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Em 24/4/2014 17:08, Mark Rotteveel escreveu:
> On 24-4-2014 20:49, Frank Schlottmann-Gödde wrote:
>> As a compromise, I would suggest to place your blobs into a separate
>> table, it will increase the size of your main database, but will also
>> speed up the acccess to your blobs without interfering with everyday
>> database operations.
> As most blobs are stored out of band, I would expect that moving them to
> a separate table this doesn't have a big impact unless you have the
> habit of always retrieving and loading all fields of a table.
> Mark

If the blob's are small enough to fit into the data page, it will
dramatically reduce the number of records per page, and ever if you
don't select it you will read the whole page, where most part of it is
the blob content.

Moving the blob to a separate table would reduce this.

see you !