Subject Re: Cannot log into database
Author Virgo Pärna
On 22 Apr 2014 08:45:07 -0700, <srotyliano@...> <srotyliano@...> wrote:
> When I run the client trying to use the fdb on the WIN7 system I get an
> "unknown user name or password" error. If I point the ALIAS to the fdb on
> the old XP system I can run the client from the WIN7 system but it is
> accessing the fdb on the old system. This would be OK except I want
> to get rid of XP altogether and getthe database on the WIN7 system.

So it is can connect to Firebird servers in different computers,
but not the one running in the same computer? How exactly did you describe
alias? What is the value of "SERVER NAME"?
I did test it myself and it seems to work just fine. Can you connect to
db in Windows 7 computer from Windows XP computer using BDE?

Virgo Pärna