Subject Re: [firebird-support] Cannot log into database
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:45 a.m. 23/04/2014, srotyliano@... wrote:

>I don't know if this is Firebird or a BDE issue but I am trying to port a legacy client that runs on FB 1.5 from an XP system to a WIN7 (64 bit) system.
>I was able to install FB 1.56, the client software with its fdb onto the WIN7 system. I also had to install BDE 5.01 since that is what the client uses. I redefined the ALIAS in BDE Administrator to point to the fdb on the WIN7 system.

You are vague about what is where, e.g., is the client on a 64-bit or 32-bit system? For certain your application is 32-bit because any Delphi version that worked with BDE 5.01 would have to be pre-Delphi 6 (which requires BDE 5.2). A BDE version older than 5.2 will NOT run on Win 7. You can search for a BDE 5.2 download or you can download a self-installing executable from here: I can verify that (at least) this will install and run correctly on Win7 32-bit as I recently upgraded my Netbook to Win7 and needed it to run my knitwear design software there. The back-end of that software is Paradox, though, not InterBase. I do notice that the IB driver is younger than everything else in that kit so it is most likely the driver that Borland fixed in Update 2 of Delphi 6.

>When I run the client trying to use the fdb on the WIN7 system I get an "unknown user name or password" error. If I point the ALIAS to the fdb on the old XP system I can run the client from the WIN7 system but it is accessing the fdb on the old system.

This doesn't make sense. You'll need to clarify what you mean by "fdb on the old system". Copy/paste the actual entries in the BDE manager.

>This would be OK except I want to get rid of XP altogether and getthe database on the WIN7 system.

To offer some form of clarity on the client-side issues, the BDE is part of the client layer. The VCL components in the client app connect to the BDE which, in turn, connects to gds32.dll. To connect to a Firebird database, your gds32.dll will have to be a renamed fbclient.dll from the Fb 1.5.6 kit and it should be located in the correct "bitness" folder on Win 7. If the client machine is running Win7 64-bit then gds32.dll must be in c:\Windows\SysWOW64; if running Win32-bit then it should be in the ..\system32 folder.

>With FlameRobin on the WIN7 system I can register and access the WIN7 fdb using the default username and passwords so it appears these are correct (they match those on the XP system).

FlameRobin (a) doesn't use the BDE and (b) knows that fbclient.dll is the correct client for Firebird.

> I can even run queries and see the data. However, when I try to open the WIN7 fdb through BDE Administrator I get the "unknown user name or password" error. My guess is that if we can get BDE to log into the fdb then the rest should fall in place (hopefully !).

Hopefully, though no guarantees. Everything you are using there is very ancient, all stuff that pre-existed even XP. So, hold your breath...

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