Subject Grant and Revoke update (field)
Author Tomáš Beran
I have a problem with permissions. I test this problem on new database.
I have two users (User1 and User2), one table (TEST_TABLE (PKID, NAME, AGE)). I set permission select and update(AGE) to both users. Now everything is all right, but when I revoke permission to USER2, then USER1 has not permission to update fields.

create table TEST_TABLE (
  PKID                  integer,
  NAME                  varchar(10),
  AGE                   integer,
constraint TEST_PKID primary key (PKID));


insert into TEST_TABLE values (1, 'TOMAS', 99);

grant select, update(AGE) on TEST_TABLE to USER1, USER2;

--USER1 or USER2:
update TEST_TABLE set AGE = 1;

--now USER1 (and USER2) has update privilege to field AGE

revoke select, update(AGE) on TEST_TABLE from USER2;
update TEST_TABLE set AGE = 1; --no permission to update

  Now USER1 has no permission for update/write access to COLUMN TEST_TABLE.AGE
  but has permission to select. If I grant update on whole TEST_TABLE then everything all right, but if I set permission on one field,
  permissions are wrong.
  Firebird v. 2.5.2

Thanks for any advice.
Tomas B.

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