Subject Windows firewall and multi-user access.
Author lcampbell
We have an application using Delphi, IBObjects and Firebird, which is
being run in both a single-user and multi-user basis. The multi-user
version has users on separate PCs operating against a single Firebird DB
on a server. Lately, after releasing an updated version (in which the
Firebird server is changed from V2.1 to v2.5), some users have noticed
that on one form, if two users are using the form on two PCs, one user's
changes can cause the other user's cursor (the selected item) to change.

The driving query for this form (data-aware) is of the form "select *
from items_catalog where eventID = <param>", which returns a set of all
items linked to a given event; the user can navigate that set (using the
form's Nav arrows). Up until recently, multiple users could work on
separate PCs without stepping on each other. Now, we're getting
occasional reports from users.

Now here's the "zinger". One of the users had been running Windows
Firewall in "public" mode. When he changed to "work" mode, the problem
went away. Does this seem counter-intuitive? Is there a Windows issue
underlying, or with Firebird 2.5?

Any insight would be helpful

Lane Campbell
NW Software