Subject RE: [firebird-support] Windows firewall and multi-user access.
Author Leyne, Sean
> We have an application using Delphi, IBObjects and Firebird, which is being
> run in both a single-user and multi-user basis. The multi-user version has
> users on separate PCs operating against a single Firebird DB on a server.
> Lately, after releasing an updated version (in which the Firebird server is
> changed from V2.1 to v2.5), some users have noticed that on one form, if
> two users are using the form on two PCs, one user's changes can cause the
> other user's cursor (the selected item) to change.

That is impossible.

Firebird cursors tied to statements, statements are tied to a database connection, each application would open separate connection(s).

> Now here's the "zinger". One of the users had been running Windows
> Firewall in "public" mode. When he changed to "work" mode, the problem
> went away. Does this seem counter-intuitive? Is there a Windows issue
> underlying, or with Firebird 2.5?

Again, makes no sense.