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On Mar 07, 2014 @ 03:29 pm, preber@... wrote:
--- In, Alan J Davies <Alan.Davies@...> wrote:
> Hi Peter, a few things to check, from what you say you are familiar with
> FB and Delphi:
> localhosts is not needed, its part of the setup of dns
> Aliases.conf examples
> fibrominn=e:\apps\fibrosys\fibrominn\fibrosys.fdb
> pjsmouldings=e:\apps\pjsmould\orders.fdb
> miracle=e:\apps\miracle\ordproc\miracle.fdb
> These are from a similar setup to your's - windows 7 64bit with Fb 2.5.1
> 32 bit. Could use 64bit but Udfs don't work well.
> Can you run the Delphi app on the machine itself
> Is IPV4 running or IPV6 - has been/is a problem on some systems
> Hope this helps a bit.
> Alan J Davies
> Aldis

Hi Alan,

I saw in the hosts file that the localhost is not needed but as it didn't work I thought I would make an specific entry.
I know how to set up the aliases.conf file. The only difference is that I usually leave a space on both side of the = sign. This has never been a problem.
I can run any of the apps provided I connect using the XNET protocol.
Anyway, IB_SQL also can't connect to the DB when using TCP/IP so it definitely not the app.
Both IPV4 and IPV6 are installed, how can I know which one is running or used?


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