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how can I get Firebird ODBC driver to connect to an embedded server by using the security2.fdb?

Is there any reason, why the security2.fdb is being ignored in that case at least by default?

That way the ODBC connection can only be created with SYSDBA as user and there is no way to make the connection read only. I mean yes, you can check the checkbox "read" when creating the connection, but the end user can uncheck it at any time and gat a write access to the DB...

For the ODBC connection to a normal server he could do the same of course, but since in that case the connection cen be created with a user, who has read rights only, it doesn't matter if the checkbox gets unchecked.

Why can't it work the same with embedded server? That doesn't make sense to me... Can I accomplish it in any way?

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