Subject Odp: [firebird-support] 32 or 64-bit

I don't know IBDAC but if it work as dbexpress you need not only 64 bit Firebird client but also 64 bit driver

Karol Bieniaszewski

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Temat: [firebird-support] 32 or 64-bit
Data: wt., mar 4, 2014 15:23


Hey All

I have installed Firebird 2.5 (x64).

In the installation directory: c:\program Files\Firebird\Firebird_2.5
there is a file fbclient.dll
And in C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird\WOW64 there is also af
fbclient.dll, about 1,5 larger than the first.

If I create a 32-bit, and use the first fbclient.dll, it works fine

But when I try to create a 64-bit program, I get problems.
When I use the first fbclient.dll, I get eroors like Access Violation
And the second, will not load.

Any Ideas?

I use C++ Builder XE5, IBDac from DevArt- c:\, and Windows7