Subject RE: [firebird-support] Left outer join with stored procedure
Author Svein Erling Tysvær

>Hello All,
>I have a table regioni with 164 rows (r_id), and also stored procedure which returns some data like (r_id, value).
>When I try to use
>regioni _ID,
>from regioni
>left outer join stored_procedure (:DATE1,:DATE2)
>I only get number 20 rows for the R_ID which is returned by procedure.
I cant manage to get all 164 rows from regioni table matched with values from stored_procedure, where value exists.
>Can someno help with this ?

If you provide more information, I’m sure someone on this list can help, Zoran, but I cannot see that the parts that you’ve provided so far contains any reason for only 20 rows to be returned (mind you, I’m not used to queries like yours, with only parameters in the call to stored_procedure – as far as I can see, this query ought to return the same stored_procedure_value for all rows). The most common reason for a problem like yours, is that the LEFT tuple is referred to in the WHERE clause (when it should be in the LEFT JOIN), but you don’t seem to have any WHERE clause. By the way, I expect regioni_ID to be the same as R_ID?