Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird can't connect to host
Author Andromeda
Finally, my friend, Nigel Weeks (nigel.weeks@...) help me to solve this problem. He can't post the replies directly into this topic because of some minor issue, so we did a private conversation by email account and here is the summary of our conversation by email.

The main issue is :

I can connect to the employee.fdb with the lookup address but can't connect with host address. I try to check the network status with the netstat -lntu command and I find the Firebird is running on

Actually, in my previous OS, the services is running on instead of 127xxx which means that service is able to accessed by random host, right?

So, may the main issue, is I don't know why the services is running on 127xxx instead of and I don't know how to correct this simple problem.

And Nigel suggests me to do :

Looking in /etc/firebird/2.5/firebird.conf, I see mention of the following:

# Allows incoming connections to be bound to the IP address of a
# specific network card. It enables rejection of incoming connections
# through any other network interface except this one. By default,
# connections from any available network interface are allowed.
# If you are using Classic Server, this setting is for Windows only.
# Under Linux, BSD or Mac OS X, with Classic server use xinetd or launchd
# configuration file (bind parameter).
# Type: string
RemoteBindAddress =

But your installation is most likely using the xinetd or launchd, and this config file 'should' be ignored, but jump in and change the IP address to, or the ethernet interface's IP, stop and start the server (`service firebird2.5-superclassic restart), and try another connect.

And the result is :

100% correct! I set the actual address on the firebird.conf and now the server can running and listen at all interfaces correctly.

Sorry for my bad english, and thanks a lot to all member of this group, especially for Nigel.

Greeting from the wonderful Indonesia,