Subject INET / inet_error: fork / CreateProcess errno = 193


From a certain moment the message 'Connection rejected by remote interface' was given at one of our customers. In
firbird.log are many reports 'INET / inet_error: fork / CreateProcess errno = 193'. Prior to this time one could work
without problems, but suddenly, it was no more. No apparent cause

Firebird 2.5.3 Classic server 64-bit is installed on Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard SP 1 64-bit. Use is made of gds32.dll, there is
verified that this is the correct version. Firewall is checked and the virus scanner off. That did not solve the
problem. The message is also given on the server itself.

The problem is solved by Firebird Super Server install.
Cause was therefore that no child process fb_inet_server.exe could be created, such as notified.
Does anyone have an idea what the cause of this problem could be? It is a Windows thing I assume.

Henk Cats