Subject Should autosweep be happening on that database?
Author Ivan Arabadzhiev
I did some reconfiguration on a database yesterday, so I`m monitoring the logs for any issues and I noticed something strange :

      Mon Oct 27 16:54:25 2014
        Sweep is started by SYSDBA
        Database "orbis-aton" 
        OIT 21080, OAT 21081, OST 20456, Next 44177

(yes, I know it`s a bad idea but all database connections are by SYSDBA)

I don`t remember running a sweep (logs say I wasn`t even logged in at the time) and nobody else has access (or knowledge, for that matter) to run a sweep on that machine so I got curious.
Logs say an unexpected sweep has been running basically every day (sometime between 5 and 10 pm, which is apparently when it hits the number of transactions). I have a manual sweep at 5:40am in cron and I checked - configuration is correct and runs as expected. I also double-checked gstat :

Database header page information:
        Flags                   0
        Checksum                12345
        Generation              51454
        Page size               16384
        ODS version             11.2
        Oldest transaction      21357
        Oldest active           50561
        Oldest snapshot         49520
        Next transaction        51318
        Bumped transaction      1
        Sequence number         0
        Next attachment ID      130
        Implementation ID       24
        Shadow count            0
        Page buffers            0
        Next header page        0
        Database dialect        3
        Creation date           Oct 26, 2014 12:28:26
        Attributes              force write

    Variable header data:
        Sweep interval:         0

Shouldn`t automatic sweep be disabled or have I misread the documentation? FB version is 2.5.3.