Subject Re: [firebird-support] no permission for read-write access to database
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> I have one customer having this error message very often when he
> starts software after he boots up his computer which is as server as
> well
> "no permission for read-write access to database
> He runs the software on Windows 8.1 Professional Version.
> What could be a reason for this problem?

* Are we talking about Firebird Embedded or a real Firebird server process?
* If the later, have you tried using a TCP/IP connection, even locally?

As the error states, for whatever reason, it doesn't have read/write
permission on the database file.

So, with Embedded, make sure that the user running the application has
proper permissions on the folder/file. With a regular Firebird server
setup, check if the Windows account used by the Firebird server Windows
service has proper privileges.

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Thomas Steinmaurer

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