Subject error code 904 (firebird SS-2.1.5)
Author Behzad Assadpour
I've recently upgraded from firebird 2.0.7 to firebird 2.1.5.In the previous version I usually used to  receive error cod 902 on one of my databases and may application could not connect to database. But after restoring a backup, it's problem used to solve for just one day and it repeated again.I decided to upgrade to  version 2.1.5 and since then , I have not received that error . But It starts to receive error cod 904. It surprisingly connects to database and can read its data but after a while it receives error. The

details  of  the error is like this:

Error Code : 904
implementation limit exceeded (imp-exc-335544381)
Transaction count exceeded.perform backup and restore to make database operable again.(335544864)

Then when I restore the backup file, it works for a while and it repeats again.In addition, my database size is about 550 Mb and it seems small.I want to know how to over com the problem.
I look forwarding hearing from you.

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