Subject Query on Double Precision Field Produces Incorrect Reults
Author Craig Cox
FB 2.5 SQL Query using IBExpert (Stand alone), and using IBObjects (in a Delphi Application).

I have a double precision field that contains a value of 0.000039. When I query for the value, I get 0.000 in the IBExpert result, and my Delphi application.

When I inspect the table holding the value, I do see that it is stored correctly in FB.

How do I get the entire value with a Query? I have values in the table that can range from 1,000,000 to 0.000001. I think I may be able to format the Delphi results to make them visible, but it is a little clunky (and incorrect from a significant figure standpoint) to have to produce reports with values like 1,000,000.000000