Subject Re: [firebird-support] Backup Firebird Error
Author Ann Harrison
On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 4:20 PM, Marco SucuzhaƱay <
msucuzhanay.activa@...> wrote:

> When generating a backup of the database shows me the message:
> gbak: ERROR database file appears corrupt()
> gbak: ERROR wrong page type
> gbak: ERROR page 24000001 is of wrong type
> gbak: ERROR gds_$get_setment failed
> gbak: Existing before completion due to errors

Hmm. The first thing I would try is a backup with the -g option. The
problem may be in an old version. If so, disabling garbage collection will
let gbak avoid the bad page reference.

My second thought would be that 24000001 is a strange number. From the
ERROR gds_$get_segment error, it appears to be the middle of a large blob.
So I'd be willing to guess that there's something wrong with the blob
itself and the page reference is just wrong. How big is the database?
What's the page size? Is 24 million and one a reasonable page number? If
not, you may want to try IBFirstAid to see if it can identify the bad blob.

While I was waiting, I'd try using the -v switch on gbak to figure out
which table has the record with the bad blob. Then probe around and see if
I can identify the bad record.

Good luck,


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