Subject RE: [firebird-support] Can't access MON$ tables
Author Michael D. Spence
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Subject: RE: [firebird-support] Can't access MON$ tables

At 08:05 a.m. 6/05/2013, Michael D. Spence wrote:
>Ah. FlameRobin shows ODS Version 11, not 11.1 so that explains that.
>The thing is, I downloaded the latest versions of Firebird and
>FlameRobin last night and created a new database. Before I did that I
>removed an older version (2.1, IIRC). Would there have been stuff left
>behind that tells FB what ODS version to use? There were a couple of
>the old databases still registered to FlameRobin and of course the new
version was aware of them.

FlameRobin is just a client app. It has its own way of "registering
databases" but Firebird itself doesn't "register databases". If v.2.5 was
running, it would create databases (and restore backups) as ODS 11.2. In
order to read and report the ODS of any database, FR would read the header
page of the database via the API, the same as isql or any other client app

>Anyway, I unregistered the server and the databases, then reregistered
>the server and created a database and now the ODS version is 11.2.

I suppose you do understand that just opening a database of lower ODS with a
higher server version doesn't change it to the higher ODS.

Helen Borrie, Support Consultant, IBPhoenix (Pacific) Author of "The
Firebird Book" and "The Firebird Book Second Edition"

Yes, I would be pretty surprised if the ODS got upgraded automatically.

Actually, I had a running battle trying to get fdb (python interface) to
install and determined it was probably a 64/32 bit mismatch between FB and
python. So, thinking it over, the only thing that could have happed was
that I created the database with the 32 bit version of FB (2.1?), then
removed it and installed the latest 64 bit version of FB without recreating
the database. I didn't actually look for the MON$ tables until hours later
when I hit F4 on an imprudent query and wanted to stop it.

Sorry for the noise and thanks again.



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