Subject Bug-Fix from 2.1 to 2.5 in updating current row values?
Author André Knappstein
Hi Gang!
I am asking this on behalf of a friend who is intensively using

He recently switched from 2.1.x to 2.5.x because I recommended him to
do so.

As it turns out, he was constantly doing the following:

UPDATE Invoices
SET AmtVal = :nAmtVal
TotTax = AmtVal * Tax
TotVal = AmtVal + TotTax
WHERE InvNo = :cInvNo;

which was working fine for him in 2.1.x

In 2.5.x he is getting wrong results/row values, unless he changes his
approach to the following:

UPDATE Invoices
SET AmtVal = :nAmtVal
TotTax = :nAmtVal * Tax
TotVal = :nAmtVal + TotTax
WHERE InvNo = :cInvNo;

Personally I'd never had even tried the first approach, so I can only
guess that up to 2.1 it was possible to read a value just updated in
the same transaction which is no longer possible in 2.5.x.

Am I right in telling him that what was working for him in 2.1
was something like bad design on his side, supported by something that
can be called a bug in Firebird which was now fixed or a flaw which
now has been improved?

What really is important:
Does he have any other choice but to re-check his 1.200 stored
procedures and replace the field-value identifiers by the input
parameter identifiers?