Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak speed
Author André Knappstein
AK>> I don't use Services API nor -g in that case.

> by some reason or "never thought about it"?
> I wonder, why not to use -g option.

did not know about it when I installed the system.
Now the system is in a "don't touch it while it runs" mode.

I have been spending some 8 years learning C#, writing new apps in C#
and at the same time replacing the existing apps (dBase and Delphi).

And I only have some 25% of my time for all IT-stuff, including
maintenance and 1st level support.

You can't imagine how glad and happy I am that all these years
Firebird was an extremely reliable and stable "partner" for me and my

This year I will update all the database stuff and also try to
consider all the good advice I collected all the years by lurking this
mailing list :-)