Subject New to Firebird
Author djjprogrammer
I'm setting up Firebird 2.5.2. I have Superserver running on Windows XP. I have the Guardian and the Server services running on the server machine. I can gsec Firebird while on the server machine. I can isql the supplied database while on the server machine.

Now I want to connect to Firebird from a second client machine over the internet using TCP/IP. I have Firebird 2.5.2 installed on the client machine. I can successfully ping the server machine from the client machine (ping I opened port 3050 in the hardware firewall and on the software firewall on the server machine.

I try to connect to the server machine using isql. The connection string I type at the SQL prompt is:

connect "\port 3050:c:\program files\firebird\firebird_2_5\examples\empbuild\employee.fdb" user sysdba password blahblah

The response I get is Statement failed, SQLSTATE = 08006
Unable to complete network request to host "".
-Failed to establish a connection

Any ideas on where I should go from here?