Subject New to Firebird
Author Carlton Guc
Ok, I'm sure this has been asked already so excuse the question...

We have SQL Express are now looking at Firebird as a replacement.
Typcial database, typical Stored Procedures (select, insert, update,
delete) and typical tables. (RecID, Data, etc).

What might be out of the norm is that we use CSLA as the database
tier and have a bunch of CSLA objects that talk to to SQL.

The reason why we are looking at switching is that SQL Express
doesn't play nice when opening database files as the main document.
For example, our amp wants to deal with it's data similar to Word,
Excel, etc. That is, we want to be able to "Open" a file as its
data. So ther may be MANY database files on the clients computer to
access. Firebird Embeded seems like the correct answer to our

What I'm looking for is the 10 steps to switch over to Firebird
Embeded instead of SQL Express.

A typical DataObject tier would look like:

// Get our LOCAL address items first
using (SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection

using (SqlCommand cm = cn.CreateCommand())
cm.CommandType =
cm.CommandText = "SelectAddressBooksAll";

using (SafeDataReader dr = new
_addressItems =
AddressItems.GetAddressItems(dr, this);


(For CSLA).

How would that translate in Firebird?

Certainly I'm new at this and have a number of developers in the
field suggesting I look at Firebird. I just need a quick solution
on converting what we have done into something better.

We're even looking at outsourcing some of this work, so if you can
help, thanks!!! If your are interested in a short term project,
please reply to me: carlton@...