Subject Re: [firebird-support] New to Firebird
Author Markus Ostenried
On Sun, Feb 15, 2009 at 04:44, Carlton Guc <carlton@...> wrote:
> What I'm looking for is the 10 steps to switch over to Firebird
> Embeded instead of SQL Express.

<snip .Net code>.

> How would that translate in Firebird?

Firebird exposes a C API. But there are different libraries that are
based on this which allow easy access to Firebird in your favorite
development environment. E.g IBPP for C++, IBObjects for Delphi and
C++ Builder, and Firebird .Net Provider for .Net.

You can read more about the .Net Provider here:

I think you should ask in the .Net provider mailing list for specific
suggestions on converting your code:

And you might get some help on migration in the conversions list, too:

If you have questions related to Firebird Server, SQL satements, the
client API, or just want to know where to ask your question then feel
free to post here. But I think you will get the best .Net answers on
the provider list, because the provider is an independent sub-project.