Subject Re: How to access Firebird DB on NAS storage device from client workstations
Author patrick_marten

so if I see it right, it's possible to run a firebird server on a NAS with Linus as OS, have the database on that NAS as well and access it from client workstations, right?

Is there a HowTo / a tutorial about such a setup? I have no idea about Linux, unfortunatelly, and so no experience with this.

Some customers do ask about such a setup, so I wanted to see if it's possible, what requirements my application has to meet, what steps have to be done to setup Firebird on a NAS / on Linux in general etc.

All tipps and advices are welcome.

Best regards,

--- In, Kjell Rilbe wrote:
> mariofb123 skriver:
> > Thank you Lester.
> > Based on your reply, I assume that it is not possible to run the
> > Firebird server on the NAS drive, to control the database files located
> > on that drive ?
> Seems to me you still haven't got this question answered.
> 1. It is not viable to have the DB file on the NAS and have multiple FB
> processes access it from variaous workstations. This is not what Marius
> asks about above, and he has stated that he undrestands that this doen't
> work.
> 2. It is not recommended to have the DB file and the server process on
> two different machines. If this is still going to be done, make sure
> only one single FB process is connected (has the file open) at any one
> time. Again, this is not what Marius asks about above.
> 3. Marius asks about the option to have both the DB file and the FB
> process(es) on the NAS. Some NAS devices have a Linux distro as OS and
> allows custom software to be installed directly on the NAS. This is what
> he wants to do. Noone seems to have answered this.
> I can't say anything else than I guess it's up to the NAS what it allows
> and how. From the FB point of view I can't see that there would be a
> problem with it.
> So, Mario, maybe you should contact the NAS supplier rather than asking
> here. What you need is to know how to install FB on the NAS and how to
> get the NAS to allow connection via port 3050 or whatever you set it up
> to use.
> Good luck!
> Kjell
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