Subject RE: [firebird-support] Save database in table name format - Split database into table files? - Email found in subject
Author Leyne, Sean

> I wish to link the root directory of my database to cloud services like Dropbox
> for version control. There is one problem with this though and it is the fact
> that the database is stored in a single file that will become to big to work
> effectively with this service.

I think you have misunderstood the appropriate usage of the version control which Dropbox would provide and the type of transaction control which a SQL database requires.

> Is there a way to change the database structure so that it stores it in smaller
> individual files, each with a corresponding table name? This way I will be
> more effectively able to manage the version of files and be capable of
> restoring only needed backups if necessary rather than having to download a
> big file if I need to do so.

Dropbox provides file storage services which is a completely different requirement from providing database server functions. In order for a database to be "cloud hosted" the host must have a database engine running in its cloud. You can't run database locally which uses the "cloud" for storage, the data and the engine must reside in 1 location.

> If there is no way then could you please suggest a versioning system where I
> may be able to do this? Preferrably one that can be linked to cloud services..

You need to step back and understand what "cloud" services will and will not provide.