Subject Save database in table name format - Split database into table files?
Author williamevanw
Hi everyone,

I am working on a project and have decided to implement Firebird DB. I have one question though and have not been able to find any answers to it online.

I wish to link the root directory of my database to cloud services like Dropbox for version control. There is one problem with this though and it is the fact that the database is stored in a single file that will become to big to work effectively with this service.

Is there a way to change the database structure so that it stores it in smaller individual files, each with a corresponding table name? This way I will be more effectively able to manage the version of files and be capable of restoring only needed backups if necessary rather than having to download a big file if I need to do so.

If there is no way then could you please suggest a versioning system where I may be able to do this? Preferrably one that can be linked to cloud services..

Any advice greatly appreciated..