Subject Re: [firebird-support] Permission denied with qli and isql - Email found in subject
Author Ted Miglautsch
> What Firebird release/version # and version of the engine (Classic,
> SuperServer, SuperClassic or Embedded) are you trying to access?
I think your question might be part of the problem. I am not trying to
access an engine. The word access to me talks about network connection.
I am using the classic server v2.1, mainly because the other option was
super server, which I could not get to operate at all. It would not
start. In the log file I found nothing.

I am trying to access database files on a server from programs,
including qli, isql, and gbak from that same server.

Possibly I should be trying the other option of classic server 2.0
because the newer the version the more security that seems to be added. ;)