Subject Re: [firebird-support] Permission denied with qli and isql - Email found in subject
Author Ted Miglautsch
Now that I have a list of different questions all going in different
directions I need to start over.

I took several databases that were backed up from IB v6 and 2007. Before
backing them up I removed ownership of the tables RDB$OWNER_NAME = NULL.
This I learned to do when transferring databases to a possible different
owner. For the FB test it seemed prudent since I suspected FB, like its
predecessor IB, would assign ownership when the database was restored to
whoever restored the database.

I tried getting super server v2.1 running under Ubuntu but I could never
get flamerobin to connect nor get the isql "CREATE DATABASE" command to
work. So I switched to classic server. That I could get flamerobin and
gbak (running under root) to restore databases.

The client programs and server run on the same computer. There can be no
tcp/ip connection for performance reasons. (I wish the shared memory
connection was still available.) Our processing is a single connection
reading and writing billions of records. NOT millions of connections
processing a few records.

Our programs, which were transfered from OpenSuSE, compiled without any
problems under Ubuntu.

Now we just need a few different users able to access their databases on
the Ubuntu computer. Not on the Ubuntu server from a client computer. We
need to use a pipe connection from our programs, qli, isql, and gbak to
the databases owned by a user logged into that same computer.

Right now I can only access any of the different user databases (that
were restored either with flamerobin or gbak) when the programs are
executed as root.