Subject Permission denied with qli and isql
Author lyotchik
I am trying to convert from IB 6 on Unix to FB 2.1 on Ubuntu Linux. I
have used IB since version 3.1 on a variety of different platforms.

From what I understand this should be easy. However, I cannot even ready a database using qli or isql using FB. The system is located in a secure environment with absolutely no Internet access. There are several users on the system and they all have a number of databases which they own. FB seems to need a firebird user. I do not know why that users is required but it has been created. Any attempt to restore a gbak using any user but root fails with "Permission denied". The directory into which I tried to restore the database has permission of 777. Anybody can do anything. I was able to restore a database using something called flamerobin. But the user (who should also have unlimited access to the database) cannot access it using gbak, qli or isql. It does not seem to matter who owns the database file, the owner or firebird. It also does not seem to matter what the permissions on the database are.

How can this ridiculous security (I our installation) be turned off so the normal Linux users can access their databases without permission problems? I would prefer not having everyone log into the system as root.