Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: The worst day i can have with firebird
Author Jesus Garcia
> 600000 transactions / day, uniformly distributed means ~ 7 transactions
> per second, which is nothing. I'm sure you don't have that pattern in
> production, thus e.g. the most busy hour in respect to transaction
> throughput might be interesting.

I know 7 transactions seconds and peaks of 20/30 transactions seconds
firebird can handle. The problem was trying to delete one attachment, while
(may be) one of these peaks. I tried first to delete the transaction and i
couldn't, raises an error. Then I tried to delete the attachment. When the
engine crash, there was no input in Firebird.log, i used windows event
viewer to verify it. May be there is a bug trying to delete one attachment,
and the transactions linked to it, while there is a lot of transactions
created and destroyed, but is complicated for me to reproduce it.

The system was running in production one day with this workload with good
performance and the same amount of transactions, with the only problem of
"page conversion".


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