Subject The worst day i can have with firebird
Author Jesus Garcia
Two days ago, we moved from one server with interbase 2009 windows 2003 and
4 Gb RAM to Firebird 2.5.2 Superclassic, 16 Gb RAM
The database is around 21 Gb, and yesterday seems all was running fine.

Today, i have checked Firebird.log and i have seen that there is an error
of type
1296554 page type 4 lock denied (216), and page type 4 lock denied in
another page, that are logged from .

viewing monitoring tables, i have seen on transaction opened for 4 hours,
and i have tried to delete de attachment. When i have deleted it, firebird
has crashed and around 130 users has been dropped. After that in
Firebird.log, i see no information about the crash, and i don't know what
can happen, and what to do, and where look up for the reason of the problem.

After that crash, I see in the log page 1296554, page type 4 lock
conversion denied (215), and don'n know what to do with this errors.

Another problem is that transactions_id jumps, 20000, and 30000 in one

Any help or idea appreciated.
Regards, Jesus

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