Subject FB2.5 win7 server not accessible
Author ianmck61
I have client who has been using old FB on server with no problems.
My application in this email is called 'ASE'
Are there any known issues on Win 7 server?

I got this email from him:

Had to reinstall windows on our main scoring computer.

Previously it was running XP SP2, now Windows 7 Pro.

Noticed a few issues.

Firstly, the shared database used to be held on that new computer. However, other ASE on the Win 7 computers can't access it, though they can see each other & edit each other's files.

I installed firebird 2.5 on 2 other computers running ASE. We have 2 running ASE9, 2 running ASE8. I edited their alias.conf to point to a local file. All can access server DB on their own hard disk. NONE can access server DB on a different Win 7 computer. Get "drek:asescorer is not a valid masterfile. Unable to complete network request to host "drek". Failed to establish a connection."

We have a solution. One of our old computers is running XP. I simply have the server DBase there. All the Win 7 computers can access it okay. Any thoughts?

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