Subject Firebird classic multicore performance
Author Jordi Puigsegur Figueras
Hi All,

We use Firebird 2.5 64 bits classic + 64 bit ODBC driver + Windows 2008 R2
64 bit. Until now its performance has been exemplary, but recently we have
encountered performance problems when switching from a HP 380G7 with 1
quad-core to a HP380G7 with 2 six-core (=12 core). In the new machines we
perceive an increase of page faults and disk queues (same load) and we are
unable to take profit of the added power. Similar problems happen also
with HP 580G7 with ten-core processors...

Both machines have write cache enabled and dedicated database RAID 1 disks.
The database is only 150 Mb. so size shouldn't be a problem.

Any hints on where is the problem? Is there any konwn problem with six- and
ten-multicore processors under intensive use of Firebird Classic.?

Thanks in advance,

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