Subject Re: Firebird classic multicore performance
Author mariuz
--- In, Jordi Puigsegur Figueras <jordi.puigsegur@...> wrote:
> Hi All,
> We use Firebird 2.5 64 bits classic + 64 bit ODBC driver + Windows 2008 R2
> 64 bit. Until now its performance has been exemplary, but recently we have
> encountered performance problems when switching from a HP 380G7 with 1
> quad-core to a HP380G7 with 2 six-core (=12 core). In the new machines we
> perceive an increase of page faults and disk queues (same load) and we are
> unable to take profit of the added power. Similar problems happen also
> with HP 580G7 with ten-core processors...
> Both machines have write cache enabled and dedicated database RAID 1 disks.
> The database is only 150 Mb. so size shouldn't be a problem.
> Any hints on where is the problem? Is there any konwn problem with six- and
> ten-multicore processors under intensive use of Firebird Classic.?

Try a snapshot for 2.5.2 , page faulting could be a problem of OS caching issue