Subject unable to allocate memory from operating system
Author dr_john_mp
Our main database is Firebird 2.1 running on a windows 2k8 server

In the middle of the night with no real users, a single program was running updating data from a file into the database. This runs every night, there were no changes to the programs and automatic server updates are turned off. Part way through the program failed and then repeatedly gave the following errors each time it tried to write to the database.

Exception class = TDBXError; message = invalid request handle
Exception class = TDBXError; message = unable to allocate memory from operating system

Any attempt to access from other programs (inc IBExpert) also gave the memory error as sis GFIX and GBAK. System memory did spike to near 100% before they failed.

Copying the database to a WinXP machine and trying to open/test using a local IBExpert the memory again gradually increases to the XP address limit.

Have successfully restored service from a backup but would like to understand the errors and what might have caused them

Firebird 2.1 WI-V2.1.1.17910

thanks in advance for any info