Subject Re: [firebird-support] unable to allocate memory from operating system
Author Alexey Kovyazin
Hello John,

You have hit transaction limit of Firebird.
To prevent it, make backup/restore more often.

Alexey Kovyazin

> Our main database is Firebird 2.1 running on a windows 2k8 server
> In the middle of the night with no real users, a single program was
> running updating data from a file into the database. This runs every
> night, there were no changes to the programs and automatic server
> updates are turned off. Part way through the program failed and then
> repeatedly gave the following errors each time it tried to write to
> the database.
> Exception class = TDBXError; message = invalid request handle
> Exception class = TDBXError; message = unable to allocate memory from
> operating system
> Any attempt to access from other programs (inc IBExpert) also gave the
> memory error as sis GFIX and GBAK. System memory did spike to near
> 100% before they failed.
> Copying the database to a WinXP machine and trying to open/test using
> a local IBExpert the memory again gradually increases to the XP
> address limit.
> Have successfully restored service from a backup but would like to
> understand the errors and what might have caused them
> Firebird 2.1 WI-V2.1.1.17910
> thanks in advance for any info
> John

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