Subject RE: [firebird-support] Local access to database
Author Leyne, Sean

> OK it's been probably 10 years since I played with some of this stuff. SO I
> need a bit of a sanity check.
> I'm running PHP most of the time, although the old windows stuff is still
> working as well. Everything runs off network connections, and I don't
> normally have any problems, but one site has asked if we can send SMS
> messages for the next days appointments. No problem, I have a PHP script
> which generates the XML file to go to the SMS messaging service. Now just
> need to 'schedule' it, but when running the script from the command line it
> fails as it can't find the network :(
> No I should be able to access the database using a local connection? This is on
> the main server. Question is how ... and will that cause any problems with
> the main web server side?

There are a couple of possible sources to your problem, so need to ask some questions to start with.

What Firebird version # are you running? If pre v2.5, are you running SuperServer or Classic?

What OS is the local machine running?

If Win Vista/7 or 2008, (a) what user context/credentials is the scheduled script running in? (b) Has UAC been disabled?

What is the status of the Windows Firewall?

Can you run/schedule other scripts? If so, can you run/schedule scripts which access network resources?