Subject Re: [firebird-support] Local access to database
Author Lester Caine
Leyne, Sean wrote:
>> > OK it's been probably 10 years since I played with some of this stuff. SO I
>> > need a bit of a sanity check.
>> >
>> > I'm running PHP most of the time, although the old windows stuff is still
>> > working as well. Everything runs off network connections, and I don't
>> > normally have any problems, but one site has asked if we can send SMS
>> > messages for the next days appointments. No problem, I have a PHP script
>> > which generates the XML file to go to the SMS messaging service. Now just
>> > need to 'schedule' it, but when running the script from the command line it
>> > fails as it can't find the network:(
>> >
>> > No I should be able to access the database using a local connection? This is on
>> > the main server. Question is how ... and will that cause any problems with
>> > the main web server side?
> There are a couple of possible sources to your problem, so need to ask some questions to start with.
> What Firebird version # are you running? If pre v2.5, are you running SuperServer or Classic?
> What OS is the local machine running?
> If Win Vista/7 or 2008, (a) what user context/credentials is the scheduled script running in? (b) Has UAC been disabled?
> What is the status of the Windows Firewall?
> Can you run/schedule other scripts? If so, can you run/schedule scripts which access network resources?

Problem has been solved with 'wget' which is running nicely ...

But the machine is a W2k with FB2.1.2 Superserver. Running an Apache/PHP stack.
Can't switch from W2k simply because the text to speech software won't run on
anything later and the supplier no longer exists. It has worked perfectly
pronunciation wise for 10 years, and none of the replacements can match it even

Problem was to run a 'scheduled task' task. I only run 'administrator' on that
machine so can't see how that can be a problem, but I do vaguely remember some
problem with the environment that the command prompt works under. I think the
problem is that php started via it simply does not get access to the network,
every network function I tried failed.

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