Subject Interbase broke Firebird!
Author Delphiuser Sname
Hi -

I recently upgraded to RAD Studio XE2 and was daft enough to isntall Interbase (thinking it may solve a problem I was having with an Embecardo program.)

In short, it did not solve the problem, it did however completely screw up my computer as I can no longer run Firebird.

depending on Which application you run, you get a different error message. From IBExpert you get "Can't format Message 13:96. Message file - C:\Embarcadero\Interbase/interbase.msg not found. Unavaliable database".

I get "Unavailable database from attempting to use the ODBC connection I installed as well.

I have done /addremove to get rid of Interbase. I have re-booted and re-installed Firebird. I have deleted all occurences of "gds32.dll" from my system. The Firebird service is running along with Fbguard.exe.

Still I cant get it working. Can anyone please advise me as how to undo the damage Interbase has done so I can get Firebird working again ?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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