Subject Re: [firebird-support] size specification either missing or incorrect
Author André Knappstein
thanks, Helen.

> The minimum abbreviation for the -password switch is -pass (not
> -pas). This error is occurring because of confusion with -pa[ge_size].

I will try this ASAP. However, the help on gbak.exe should then be
updated. It reads "-PAS(SWORD) Firebird password. (gbak.exe -? on
2.5.2 32-Bit).

And still it is strange that this error is raised sometimes, and
sometimes not. Using the same gbak -.... a couple of times on the very
same backup in the very same location.

Strange things around my databases tend to make me nervous ;-)

> In older versions, it worked best to place the -user and -password
> parameters at the end for a restore. I'm not aware that this still holds for 2.x versions, though.
I'll give it a try, definitely.

> I guess you remembered that you'll get an error if you try to
> output the -verify text to a file name that already exists?
yes. Existing X_<databasename>.txt files have been erased before.

> By the way, if you are using the gbak instructions in Ch. 39 of The
> Firebird Book Second Edition that was released on the IBPhoenix DVD
> #21 in August, you should know that two lots of Errata relating to
> that chapter have been fixed since then. You can refresh your book
> at the IBPhoenix web site. <<-------
> ./heLen

Did not have the time for all of this, so far. I still need to get the
original (== buy the DVD?). I will probably only read it though, when
I have my new tablet. I think I am too conservative for reading a
really interesting book on a usual screen.
Thanks for all your work! Without the first edition of the book I'd
definitely have been lost!

best regards,