Subject Re: [firebird-support] Deadlock when 2 session update the same 01 row
Author André Knappstein
Somewhere along this:

FbTransactionBehavior t_behaviour;
FbTransactionOptions t_options;

t_behaviour = FbTransactionBehavior.NoWait;
t_options.TransactionBehavior = t_behaviour;

FbConnection conn = new FbConnection();

have fun!

> Thanks for your reply,

> I am using VS2005 (FirebirdSqk,Data.FirebirdClient), how can I change
> behavior of the Database the same as in Oracle?


> Best Regards,


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> Subject: RE: [firebird-support] Deadlock when 2 session update the same 01
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>>I am newbie to Firebird, I am working on Oracle and porting a small module
> to Firebird. We
>>face with very strang problem:
>>When session A and B update a row in a table at the same time. If A goes
> first, and while A
>>does not commit or rollback yet, B will update the same row. In Oracle, B
> will be blocked
>>until A commit or rollback without any error. But In Firebird, B will get
> Deadlock
>>Can I config FB to do exactly like Oracle does? Or, It is a bug?

> Hi and welcome, Nguyen!

> No, it is no bug. This is called 'lock resolution' and belongs to your
> transactions (strictly speaking, this is a lock conflict, not a deadlock).
> So, you could have isc_tpb_nowait on transaction A and isc_tpb_wait on
> transaction B and then transaction A would behave like you report your
> system is doing, whilst transaction B would behave as you would like it to
> behave.

> How to set these things depend on what kind of components you use. Using IB
> Objects, I would simply set TIB_Transaction.LockWait to true (though I've
> never actually done this myself), other components will have different ways
> of doing this.

> HTH,
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