Subject Re: Permission denied...
Author mariuz
--- In, Ted Miglautsch <theomigs@...> wrote:
> I have firebird 2.1 installed on Ubuntu 10.04 and it works great for a
> while. I am able to connect to the database from a Delphi application
> using the gsec security system all the time. I am also able to connect
> to the database using qli, isql and gbak for a while. Then for no reason
> I can find, I looked in the firebird2.1.log file but there was nothing,
> it starts giving me Permission Denied errors. (I am still able to
> connect from the Delphi application.) After rebooting the server
> everything works again.

Do you use Firebird classic and the error is
Engine Code : 335544653
Engine Message :
cannot attach to password database ?
if so please
always use localhost: in front of any paths. this way the lock
files and the shared memory segment will be owned by the
'firebird' user.