Subject Backup problem when different client libraries connected to DB?
Author Benton Quest
Hi there,

We have a Linux server (64 bits OS) running Firebird 1.5.6 (32 bits) serving a 2GB Firebird database. We have a variety of legacy and "recent" client applications connecting to the database, some using Borland's BDE, other use the Firebird DotNet provider, we have IBExpert and some others clients use Zeos components. At any given moment we have around 100 concurrent users connected to the database.

I've noticed that when I run a backup from the Linux console using gbak, the backup does not end normally, it "crashes" with an error message. But if I try the backup after hours when only two or three users connected to the database, the backup ends normally.

We have a second Windows 2008 server running a similar setup(Fb 1.5.6, around 100 client connections, 2GB+ database.) In this server, IBexpert does not have any problems backing up the database, regardless of the number users connected to it.

I can't recall where did I read that the problem might lie in the connection libraries, IIRC, if there are many different client libraries connected, the linux libraries used by gbak might have a problem backing up the database. Might this be the case here?

Any thoughts or opinions are welcome.

Best Regards,

P.S. We know we should upgrade to Fb 2.5, unfortunately our main legacy system does not support it right now. We have a migration plan for the next 6 months to accomplish this though.