Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird on Windows 8
Author Daniel Rail

At November-22-12, 6:31 AM, Mark Rotteveel wrote:

> On 21-11-2012 20:40, heineferreira wrote:
>> Hi
>> Do you have any plans to put Firebird and the database drivers and flamerobin into the windows 8 app store?
>> Aparantly there are major issues with sideloading in windows 8.

> You can install Firebird and Flamerobin without issue on Windows 8. The
> only thing I encountered was a little more severe warning because the
> Firebird installer isn't signed.

We encountered the same thing with our application. Now that our
installer is signed, we no longer have an issue.

> As far as I know, sideloading only refers to installing Windows Metro
> (aka Modern UI) applications, not to normal Windows applications like
> Firebird and Flamerobin.

You are correct in stating that it only relates to Modern UI apps and
not Desktop apps. The only edition of Windows 8 that allows
sideloading of Modern UI apps is with the Enterprise edition(which is
only available via volume licensing).

And, the confusion might come from the requirements to be able to have
a desktop application listed on the Windows App Store, where the
application has to be compiled using the SEH compiler option(to pass
the test). Yet, the listing on the App Store is only a link to the
application's website to download the installer.

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